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Ask Me Anything About Commercial Auditioning: A Phone Call with Brooke Thomas

Phone Consultation

Got a question about commercial acting? Need an opinion on your acting career? Want to have a conversation with a veteran casting director about booking auditions, finding an agent, or sourcing a headshot photographer?

Get on the phone and chat with Brooke Thomas, Casting Director and owner of Brooke Thomas Casting. Talk 1-on-1 and get personal advice. Ask questions and chat about whatever you like related to the commercial acting business in New York City.

How It Works:

  1. Schedule the Phone Call
    With your credit card using the trusted booking service called Clarity, you’ll schedule a time to speak with Brooke Thomas for $2.92 per minute. No minimum. Talk for just a few minutes or longer. It’s your call!
  2. Get Confirmation
    You’ll receive a confirmation email with a telephone conference line and access code provided. Block out your calendar and prepare some questions and topics to cover in the call.
  3. Connect, Talk, and Pay
    You will call the telephone bridge line provided in your confirmation email. After the call, you’ll be charged by Brooke’s per-minute rate of $2.92 for the phone chat.

About Your Instructors

Brooke Thomas

Casting Director, Brooke Thomas Casting

Brooke Thomas is a veteran commercial casting director in New York City. Recognizing a need for more personalized casting services that leveraged her experience and vast network of actor connections, she formed Brooke Thomas Casting in November of 2012. She was originally drawn into the world of casting 17 years ago and worked at Liz Lewis Casting and most recently at House Casting. Brooke has cast well over 2000 commercials for brands such as ETrade, Hummer, NY Lottery, Red Lobster, Pizza Hut, Charles Schwab and Huggies.

Phone Consultation


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